February 11, 2012


Hello my friend(zoned) people,

In light off the recent "meme" boom and the "Friendzone" posts I've seen online I've come to this conclusion. We're all the same, we all get roughly the same experiences, and we all seem to agree with

the "meme" posts.

Random meme

The friend zone can be used to describe somebody with whom you want to spend time but not necessarily pursue romantically.

Marshall Fine, of The Huffington Post, suggested that it was "like the penalty box of dating, when your only crime is not being buff and unobtainable."

 Those just some random definitions of the word we now all know as "FRIENDZONE". It is basically the black void that the female loves to create. You being a nice guy, maybe not the best looking around, maybe not the coolest on the block. You try your best to show the girl that you are a real person with feelings. And that my friend, is where you go wrong! The thing is, my zoned friend, is that girls want the guy that ignores them and is mysterious in someway, and apparently looks like a Greek god.

Yeah, sexy, right...

So you found a girl, one that is funny, interesting, likes about the same things as you. She does everything together with you, you feel like you want to care for her and protect her. She feels this and you are done, you are now her "Brother" (Unless you got a huge dick and sexy ass, eyes, money, car, house, etc). The girl now will forever see you as a person she can trust, take along shopping for clothes, discus color nail polish, check out other guys.......

Congratulations, you are her (fe)male friend.

 Damn you heart, damn you...

As a man, or guy, bro, Y hormone receiver, you cling to this feeling she wants you close but somehow you can't seem to get close enough. She pushes you away when you wish to kiss her lips, she undresses in front off you not for you, but to check different clothing. And you keep thinking things will change. Well zoned buddy, they won't. She will get back with her ex, she will go date a guy she just met while dancing. She will fall in love with a random stranger within minutes. But she will never see you as a possibility. Sure she thought about it, but something about you just does not do it for her. This one way love is hell, and it will usually take years to get over with. Yes my friends, I've been friendzoned, to.. often..

I'm not the best looking man, nor the richest I may not have the fastest car, biggest house, or biggest.. well, lets just say I might not be a Greek god, but I got plenty to offer. Apparently largely in the land off "Brother" where the walls off friendzone imprison us. 

Is there a way out, yes, leave the girl behind and walk on. Sure you will hurt her, but sometimes it important to be selfish, specially when your heart is being an idiot. You never know who you missed walking by while all you had eyes for was miss one way street. Is it the only way out, no.

She knows all to well she is hurting you, but she believes it for your own good. She thinks reminding you how good a friend you are that it will set some sort off line, a boundary you won't go over. And that this will make you want to be only friends, well it doesn't. Most guys believe she just playing hard to get, and that you need to wait for her. And in the meantime she messes around with many other guys, you just believe she will think "These guys are all the same and I should really just go with my friend as he always is there for me and I believe in him. " Well, just let her go, she will not see it, instead she will cry on your shoulder, you will make her feel better and in the end you just fixed her up for the next douche to break her heart.

Friendzoned, the most evil place on earth. No real way out or to deal with it. You can change who you are, but are you then still yourself that you like. Not me, I won't change who I am. I will be friendzoned a lot, but at least I like myself. And that is more then what I can say about the girl...

And now, stop posting the damn meme's, yes clever you found something every other person knows. 
Enough is enough!

Well friends, zoned out...


  1. Not All Girls Are Like That :( *Sighs* Real Women Don't Look 4 Guys That Look Like Greek Gods... We Just Want Someone 2 Care, Love, Share Things With, N Listen.. We Too Want 2 Give, Love, Care For & Share,.. We Want 2 Be On The Two-Way Street.. <3

  2. I gotta agree with Lys. Gud readsz by the way... :D

  3. hehehe... I WILL post more buddy :P

  4. Good one T1, fuck the friendzone!

  5. Zeus, my favourite game!
    I also agree with Lys :)