February 23, 2011

When you got nothing to write about, but still want to write? (You write, about love)

Hi friends,

Since this morning I had the urge, I had to write. Something, anything, nothing and everything. What could I possibly write about when I have nothing to write about. When all confusion is around, and nothing but the dark thoughts of empty space float between inspiration. Lets talk about love.

So many put so much into a word that each letter apart is meaningless. What is "Lo", sounds like a bathroom in England. And what is "ve", sounds like a guy wearing a mask and trying to start the next revolution.

So "Love" is then a toilet trying to take over our world?

But of course I might be completely mistaken, because the dictionary shows that Love is "a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.". 

So my toilet guess is pretty much incorrect. 

So how we recognize love, what are its forms, what compels us to show the other person that we will do whatever we can to make them happy.  

So lets look at the most famous of love "Puppy Love".

Puppy love, for the 2 people (or 3,4,5,etc. Goat, Sheep, Pies, etc. All depends what you are into. ) that experience this kind of love it is like the world is there only for their happiness. For the world it is more like, they are there to make us loose our appetite. Puppy love is like watching a great movie, but in a foreign language that sounds like 50 baboons having a wild orgy in a cave (Some might actually enjoy that, but not me). It is like the people that are in this trance do not care about the people throwing up around them. They wear the same color clothes at times, both listen to that one song they "Just so love". The only real last hope the world has is that this kind of love usually lasts for a month or 2, then the puppies grow up into a "asire" (Male dog) and a "bitch" (Female dog). So when you see them walk around, just smile. Because either one will becomes ones bitch, or the bitch will become the one. Either way there's going to be a better movie playing soon enough.

Now, on to the next one. Sensual love, the wet kind, sticky, sloppy and ooh so deliciously slobbery. 

You know what I mean.

Yeah that so good.

Keep going, that the way we want it, show some more...

 Ok, forget I said that.

So, sensual, sexual, sensational loving of the 3th kind. Going at it like the beasts of the jungle, not caring about the sounds that come out. Again, for the people doing it heaven, for the people next door hell. This kind of love damages a lot of private property, be it in a sexy, sexy way. What makes 2 people just jump each other the moment they are alone. They just feel the intense urge to feel the others body as close and naked against theirs as possible. Rubbing and humping the night away, while their neighbors are unable to sleep. This kind of love seems to usually be self destructive unless the couple are porn stars, then it is lucrative. It is self destructive in a way that the passion flames so hard and fast that their neighbor shoots them in the head from screaming so damn loud. He has to sleep, work starts at 7 in the morning for him you damn kids! So yeah, when in this kind of relationship it is wise to invest in sound dampening of the bedroom (Also handy when the mother in law stays over.) If a relationship stays a flame like this for a year it is most likely they will never leave each other. At that point you should have had at least 5 different neighbors and a citation for noise pollution of the neighborhood. For the rest of the world looking into a relationship like this makes you wish yours was like it. Best you can do is find new friends that are more boring then you and then boost your ego by saying you have sex twice a month doing at least 2 different positions (counting moving up and down both as separate positions.) 

Head over heals in love, also known as Joga.

Yeah it makes me love Joga also.
So head over  heals in love, what is that sensation when you see the person you desire, love, lust for. Your obsession of the heart, the greatness of every beat that makes the flutter inside you move faster. It could be that you feel that you can never ever be without this person again and need to be around them always and forever. Well I do not know for sure so I went to look more into it from a science point of view.
According to a fortune cookie site I "Will find much care in the moment", so that needs no further explaining at all.

According to 5 different horoscope sites I will.

1: There's a conservative air today that doesn't fit well with your erratic, unconventional nature.
2: If you're down now, you don't have to stay down. You're able to rise.
3: It's harder than usual for you to reach decisions today, but it's not because you're uninformed.
4: Some days are just too full of potential to not turn out good, and today should be just that kind of day for you.
5: Early morning meetings and conferences are good places to show off your skills. Your ability to act and accomplish what is set out before you is commendable and acknowledged.

 As always as vague as ever, all horoscopes are pretty meaningless and say nothing about the article I am writing. Would think at least one would mention something like "You shall write an amazingly boring article". But alas it is not to be for me.

And finally according to a health website that I put in the symptoms its an inoperable brain tumor.

Thank you science for scaring the shit out of me, I might never want to feel love again.

So friends, what did I lean today?
 That when you feel love, hope not to have a brain tumor.

See you on the other side!


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  2. moar cute puppies *_*