December 11, 2011

Average Dinner Conversation from 2011 compared to 1999

Hello friends,

Been a while, this is mostly because off work and some personal things that needed time. But I am back to writing again. Today I wanted to write about socializing at the dinner table. Why you may ask, well because I was in a restaurant not to long ago and something similar like this happened to me.

 Oderz dinner LOLZ..

Now image almost a whole table off people all talking on their phone. Nobody is really talking with each other, they all are laughing though enjoying their own little conversations.

While I normally like technology and find it fascinating to read about the latest and greatest I find that phones are now ruling our lives. Think I am lying, remember last time you left your cell phone at home, did you panic? I know you did, and decided to go back for it or try to get it as soon as possible. It seems that the phone is now your connection to live and nothing is as important these days it seems like being connected.

Go back in time, around lets say 1999, internet was still small compared to now and phones where nothing more then to call and send very expensive messages with.

1999 Nokia

1999 Ericson

1999 Blackberry

1999 Apple phone

Yes phones back then did little else then call, even that was annoying. You could be called anywhere anytime and if you didn't pick up people thought you were ignoring them. Before cell phones people called you on landlines. Yes kids, phones were connected by wires and they didn't need to be charged up every single day to use them either "MAGIC". When people called you and you were not there to pick up an answering machine happily took the message so you could call the person back at your own convenience . Times sure changed fast, these days we got high powered mobile computer devices with internet, streaming media, chatting and watching porn in a crowded bus, also it can be used as a phone.

Phones these days do a lot, I agree they help with many things. But one thing it does not help with and that is real face to face social interaction.

I would crush her balls if she had any..

These days you can not take a drive, go out to eat, try to sleep or even watch a movie without somebody texting around you or too you. Even while writing this I am being messaged on my phone and I am ignoring them with a smile!

This was not always so, I know back when I was a kid we would sit around the table enjoying by force the food my dear mother made us. And we would talk what happened at school, how the weekend was going to be, when would we go for a walk again and many different things. We would also eat sometimes in front off the tv, as a family, and watch the news or some series. But we where together doing the same thing and being a family. I would ask my dad if I could go along when he walked the dogs 3 times a day. I would ask my mother if I could help with anything. Or I would play with my sister or the friends I had outside. I would ride my bike and enjoy life. And yes at times I would play on my Nintendo until my parents told me to do something else.

However these days;

 Dear grandma, your daughter loves that I now use Viagra....

People communicate it almost seems only electronically. When a family goes out to eat they give their kid an electronic device to keep them quiet while the parents talk in peace. Not noticing the extreme Hentai half nude game Junior is playing. Parents seem to care less about interacting with their kids and more wanting time for themselves, why then have kids?

Elmo says yes to crack!

What going to happen to our children, what will happen to society? Who knows, just seems that social behavior is changing so fast that many can't keep up. Our stress levels are higher then they ever where, strange as the word stress didn't exist till recent modern times "borrowed from physics and engineering and first used in the biological context in the 1930s". Stress in animals and nature was first used in 1930, it was not really used to describe stress in people till around 1975. Nobody really back then used "Stressed" to describe themselves. Overworked sure, paranoid yes, in need off a cell phone nope! It was until society started to become addicted to a faster paced lifestyle and faster communication that people got "Stressed". People started to worry first about missed faxes and phone calls. So they made answering machines. Then missed emails, text messages, sms messages, pings, video chats, online facebook status updates!

People are concerned they can't be reached at all times. Woman and man alike seem to always want to know where their better half is, who they are talking to and if they should be worried grandma is trying to seduce them. 

So next time when you out to dinner, just bring this along;

It is a miniature cell phone blocker "Blocks GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS / 3G up to 10 meters (30 feet)". Now isn't that handy? Now they will need to start talking to you at the dinner table. Most likely about them not being able to check facebook anymore.

Well friends, talk to you soon over a nice dinner, bring your damn phones if you dare!


  1. After they discover you've been blocking their signal....they'll kill you. LOL

  2. It looks so much like a cellphone, I just tell them it is one.

  3. Oh I know what I want for Christmas now :D ^__^ Block block block!! :D