April 05, 2016

When work feels like an eternity.

It has been a while, hasn't it? Well for those that wanted more stories, you should have asked!

I've recently (Recently is about a year now since this writing) changed jobs.
Changing jobs is always a different experience, an adventure of sorts. The first days are filled with wonders, hopes and confusion as you find your place in your new environment.

Yay, new experiences!

You feel like you want to show them all what you can do, ready to take on anything they can throw at you! Your mind is racing at the possibilities of what can come. But, then, you find out, things are different then expected.

We sit, and we sit.

The first few weeks are just sitting around and learning your new environment, the names, the people behind the names, and the people behind the people behind the names. Also you quickly learn where you can get coffee as the days are getting longer and longer.

So here I was, ready for work, and I kept getting a bit more and more. But it never felt like I was being challenged. Now speed forward a year and we're now at a spot where the day seems to last forever as the challenges are few.

Some might think "Wow, wish I had a job were I could sit most of the day doing nothing, and get paid still at the end!". And if it was a year ago I would reply "Yeah, that be so great". But now having gone through it for a while, I can honestly say "GIVE ME MORE WORK!".


Imagine yourself being stuck at a place, where you are not really allowed to do much other then wait for something to happen. Your mind feels like it is dying, the beats of your heart start to grow in their loudness, and all you can do is wait..

This is the issue, the waiting makes work feel like an eternity. On the off days where I can be nice and busy it makes the hours fly by. On most other days, it feels like my mind if battling the clock to move faster. Superpowers always take their time to grow don't they?

The good news is, soon I will be switching positions again. This with the hope that I will be able to get my brain to dust itself off, and once again show what I can really do.

So my friends, if you really think it would be amazing to do nothing and get paid, think again. It's like sitting in the waiting room for the doctor hoping he won't find anything wrong.

Till the next time.

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