September 17, 2012

Work, it seems to work!

Well my friends, it has been a while has it not. Well for me it sure has been a long time since I felt even the urge (or time, energy, stamina, willpower or courage) to write something in my blog again. Now you may think "Wow, he is still alive" and you would be right, I am still alive your Ninja army has failed! And failed for obvious reasons!

Give us your happy meal!

So I am still around, and while I am not sure what to write about some things did happen in the past few months. First I worked, and I worked and worked and than, yes my friends I worked some more!
While I can not go into any details I can say that my job involves a lot of people that have tiny issues that I fix all the time, also some bigger things but those do not matter. It is the small stuff that matters my friends, the tiny things. Like saying hello to a co-worker, giving a smile to a person who's working harder than you are. Maybe even just sending a cute puppy email to your boss who really has no clue who you are! Yes my friends the small things matter!

So after walking around with a big smile on my face for a while, and making people think I am drunk as a skunk from life. I actually got promoted at work, how about that. It helps to crawl through the shit also.

When your wings are covered with shit, you can only crawl!

Work is work, and it works. You get paid to pay for gas to drive to work. It all works! We just spend and buy, trying to achieve higher and better for ourselves. But at the cost of abusing the time we have to live life. I'm no philosopher, nor will I ever claim to be. But something is not right when you work, to work, to buy life to work. Not everything works out the way we want, and they say life gives what you need, but not what you want. Well maybe it than time to look at it in another way. Live life, let work what works. But never forget the small things, that make life work. 

I think I now have officially lost you, so time for a cute picture of a kitten to make your brain get back to its normal mode.

 Look into my closed eyes and get back to reality!

So yeah, what have I been doing in past few months, mostly set out the path I wish to take in life. And I'm not talking about "I want to get married, get a house, make some kids out of lego and rob a bank!". No I mean I want to further my life in some way. Study more, see different cultures and mess with them! Go out and explore new way to see the world, to see people in different views, mostly non naked.

Work the work that works, let go off the fear that nothing may work and just work on it. Ok maybe I am just rambling, maybe nothing makes sense. But in a way I feel that I need a different perspective in life. No not want you to do the same, find your own ways of thinking find your own work that works. 

A little story, some time ago I sat down with a man. Everybody was just ignoring him while he was selling peanuts, dried fruit and other delights. I sat down and listened to his story, I learned he was only selling these because it gave him time to think. You see he had made his money already, had his house paid of and his car ready to go. He had no debts, no worries in life other than sit and sell his delights and think. He told me he enjoys just sitting there thinking of new ways to better life. Think of inventions, ways to improve the old and better the new. I listened for over two hours while he sat there calmly and barely sold a thing. This man told me how he had seen the world, how things changed around him and how he found himself in life. I could only admire him. The weird thing was, in the end he did not tell me how he got where he was now. But the story got stuck in my mind and just wouldn't let go. This man sitting in an old t-shirt and shorts gave me part of his story to share with you, and I come back to him whenever I can and all I can do is listen. 

So I found out something, and that there is wisdom in many of us, all we need to do is listen. But it is important that we are able to look past the shit, and see what really matters. 

Well my friends, this made no sense I know. But I hope you did enjoy my rant!

Living life, it works to listen..

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