March 03, 2011

Ashanty, a princess born to the world!

Today, my friends I was able to see another miracle of the world. The miracle of surviving a almost car crash! Yes I was driving along and suddenly a car decides to go on my side of the road. With quick cat like reflexes and loud squeaking tires I barely survived. The car I almost crashed into at full speed stopped, yelled something and droves off with burning rubber.

Ooh, and also, I'm an uncle again!


Meet the newest princess on the blog (Get it, blog!), Ashanty! She's a 50.5 cm long 3200 gram heavy healthy baby girl that my little sister brought to this planet.

Ashanty, I will always make sure that I will be a kind, protective, sweet, and insane uncle. I will always try to make you smile, always scare of boys, and make sure you will not know what make-up is until age 18. You are the princess of my little sister and her husband. I know they will always love you, always protect you and always be there for you. Your older sister, who can sometimes be a devilishly cute little girl (Has the fine makings of a mad scientist!) will always be there for you. When she saw you for the first time today she would not leave your side, she kept trying to stay close to you. And I know that you, Ashanty, will be raised with all the love and care you will ever need. From me, my parents, your parents, your big sister and your whole family. We all look towards you with hope and love as you are our newest joy!

And as your uncle, I will make sure you will be able to hack into your bank account by age 16, well maybe not. But I do know one thing, I'm an uncle again, and you made me feel that special way once more.

So Ashanty, I say to you good night. Your uncle, the insane one not the normal one, loves you (The normal one loves you also so do not worry)!

Well friends, know this not what I normally write, but I felt like I had to share this in my own way....

Today, I met Ashanty!

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