January 09, 2012

How to detect a Facebook addict!

Hello again friends, and welcome to another edition off The Curacao Outsider. In today's news we will look into the mind of the "SOCIAL SITE ADDICT"!

$100 a gram!

Social sites are addicting, wonder how many there are? Way to many, just go to Wikipedia
 and you can see that yes people, you have a problem!

Where did this all start, when did this obsession with posting away our lives to the point that we spend hours behind a computer wondering what other people are doing.


Many people have to use even their mobile devices to make sure their friends can get jealous because off where they are, what they are doing, who they are with and well many reasons not worth commenting. 

"Ooh I hope they like my pictures, maybe they need to be more revealing. I better not show I was with that boy/girl or else people will get jealous!"

I see it day in day out, people posting some random picture off something that has been posted thousands off times before hoping they get some likes and so "attention".

Kitty pictures are famous!

Not a day goes by that I do not see some picture off a girl in bikini with 40 random guys saying how sexy she looks and receiving 120 likes from random guy/girls. I know, I know, sex sells. But why do you have over 200 pictures of yourself at the beach? These are the people I usually delete pretty fast for they have never ever anything to say other then "Me at beach so sexy". Well at least they are showing they are stupid, so that helps the guys trying to get her.

Then we got the people that are depressed and want the world to know. 

 I need attention!

There seems to be a large amount off people out there that are depressed. And many off them feel the need that they got to let the world know they are sad. Know what else does this? Babies, they cry for attention from their mother and father till even they do not care anymore. This is all they are doing, they want everybody to know they are miserable, the funny thing is if you offer help they say they are fine! Well if you are fine then for crying out loud, stop posting your depressing self indulged childish bitching messages about how sad you are. Get out your room, go to your friends and go play nice with the other kids! Because the world isn't fair, you got to work hard, and grow up!

Now lets take a look at the people that seem to find the need to self like everything they say. Why are you doing that, didn't you already show you liked what you thought by sharing it with other people. Do you need so much off an ego boost that you got to first like what you wrote yourself? I see it all the time. "Made cookies,Lol!" and self like. which brings me to the next moronic group!

We need this option!

There is a group off people, that need to update everything they did, do and ever will do. I know, sad.

"I just showered, now having breakfast"

"My parrot can talk"

"Watching movies with friends"


I got one thing to say to these people, shut the fuck up and get a life! Seriously, your need for attention goes towards the borderline stalker off an ex! And yes, one off your 50.000 posts might have something interesting to say. It just means I lost interest 49.998 posts ago and you have been long deleted.

Want some other fun facts about social sites, well lets see!

Pok, pok pok pok...

Females use social sites the most, which would speak for itself as they love to talk and pass on a good rumor! What use men it mostly for? well...

Ooga booga!

Seems men mostly like to look for information, create a better social network for their job and look at bikini pictures off woman.

Some fun facts!

  • Women between the ages of 18 and 34 are most active social networkers
  • Men are more likely to visit LinkedIn and Wikia than women
  • More women watch video on social networks, but men watch for longer periods of time
  • Over twice as many people aged 55 and higher visited social networking sites on a mobile device compared to last year
  • GPS is the most valued feature on mobile devices at 56 percent; downloading/playing music came in at 26 percent
While social networks make us feel closer, they are pulling us further apart! Did you know that Facebook alone is the top cause for relationship problems worldwide? Yeah, better think twice before you "like" your wife's best friends bikini picture there!

Social sites create issues we never had to really deal with before. Due to everybody showing and letting others knowing what is going on, people start to feel left out. Friends go hang out, somebody gets left behind and issues are created. Friends these days come and go faster then hotcakes in a weight watchers convention. People put no more value on other people as they are now just pictures, comments and nothing else. Many feel hurt, left out because everybody seems to be doing something except for themselves. Well stop reading the site and start doing something then!

Well friends, not sure if this will ever become better, because as I see it, it will get a whole lot worse first. People already have shorter attention spans, shorter fuses and seem to have lost all communication skills towards other human beings. Let's talk about it over a drink?

Till next time...

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  1. I'm in 4 the drink! ^_^ I only have FB, but I barely use it. E.g. I haven't changed my profile pic in two years! I am still waiting for postal cards :( *sigh*