January 12, 2011

The Curacao outsider

Hello friends,

Welcome to my blog, "The Curacao Outsider", I hope you will enjoy what I might write or at the most believe to have written on this blog.

Warning: below is a short and mostly boring introductory statement.

Why is it called "The Curacao Outsider", well I do live on Curacao. Have been on the Island for 10+ years and must say it is not a bad life.

Yet, as some, I see things happen on the island and they make me want to just... well.. write. (scream, burn down places, scream some more, learn "bruha" and then write a nasty letter.)

If you have any questions I might know what to write back, I might not, but you may ask.*

So friends, see you around.

*Fees might apply for questions answered.

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