February 03, 2011

Curacao, The random chance edition

Well hello friends,

Once again I find myself within the world that is a world that used to be a world that was destroyed, recreated, and then absorbed into the minds eye that is my imagination. So lets talk about something completely random. Let us spin the wheel of chance and see what I shall write about.

And "random" it shall be. I will hit Google search and put in curacao with 3 random words behind it and post the picture I get in there from that search. I shall then use my imagination to create a story as to why that picture has to do with that word search and Curacao. Why am I doing this, well, because I can.

Also it is a great home game for the kids, and a guy named Donald (Yeah you buddy, you know what I mean with random. Nobody will know what this means, so to bad)!

So here we go, I've gone to a random word generator web page and picked out 3 words.

1. Crowed

Google searched; Curacao Crowded, and got this picture.

Curacao has fish, as some might have guessed. As Curacao is a small tropical rock in the middle of the southern part of the lower Antilles. It is so surrounded by tropical waters. Which like many other oceans are filled with things called almost sushi, better known as fish. We have many of these things called fish, and we love to eat them. We love to eat them so much that we even over fish them. These days the bigger fish are all but gone near our shores. All turned into happy little bits of sushi, for our happy digestive system. This in turn has let to an explosion in smaller fish swimming, dancing and singing to the tune of Sebastian the crab in little mermaid (Disney TM). As we do not wish to wait for these fish to grow or get eaten by bigger fish. We so have now started to catch the smaller fish as well, including also many Disney characters (We do not like singing crabs that much).  Curacao, we're all about productivity and making sure fish stay small!

2. Market

Google searched; Curacao Market, and got this picture.

The market of Curacao is always full of livelihood, you can always get the freshest of fresh or oldest of old here. It all depends what you are looking for. Usually you can find fresh fruits from South America here, which are delicious ones you wash of the cocaine (Or leave it on, and hope it is just cocaine). You can walk to this market, drive next to it, even come by it with your boat and stock up on many different food items. The people speak no word of English and usually reply in the same manner. "Five, yes very good, you want, yes here" and before you know it you bought a donkey carrying 40 coconuts and 2 children that where on sale. They will sell you whatever they can, many things are what others might consider black market items. Still it is considerate of them that you can buy these items from the comfort of you car. They are not afraid to haggle, as long as it is you they are haggling. It is truthfully an unique experience, so bring your wife, bring your kids, and see how much you get for them!

3. Dream

Google searched; Curacao Dream, and got this picture.

When we think tropical paradise, we think of sand, beaches, beaches made of sand, sun, water, palm trees, and many other things at are so stereotypical of tropical paradises. But of course how can we forget the majestic houses, the fancy pools and the amazing lighting of such house and pool at night. This is a picture taken by Choller Papa Jon, 14 minutes before he robbed the place. He had the villa under surveillance for over 4 months. Nobody was home tonight, the lights where left on. And all was ready for him to grab. At 7:35 PM he made his move. Going in from the pool side up the side stares he jumped into the open sitting room and stole all the liquor he could carry. The lesson these people learned is that on Curacao, it's best to have fences and your stuff locked away behind bars. Also investments into dogs would be recommended. Remember, anything you can kick easily out of a garden is not a real dog. This means nothing smaller then at least 15 kilo's. These kind of houses are for sale a lot on the Island, and that is as we all know for a good reason. 

Well friends, this was my first random word and picture article. I hope you enjoyed it. If not go make one yourself you lazy... easy.. easy...

What did I learn, don't pick the first random word generator page you find.

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