May 05, 2011

What is it with all the make-up?

So I was walking down the street, which one I do not remember, and I see this clown walking towards me.

Not F'ing funny Clown, NOT F'ING FUNNY!

The first thing that came to my mind is, why are you alive. Then I began to deconstruct the horrific picture that was burned within the membranes of my brain. So I flushed out my eyes with hot battery acid, and really started to look at the bigger picture.
Make-up, the mask of time. Why did I say mask of time, well we do not wish for anybody too see those ugly lines, those crow feet or those nasty looking blue veins at age 13 right?

Yeah, I know, still look at what age girls (and some guys) start putting up make-up. Just go to town, walk on the street, and you be amazed some elderly men are not asking the kids how much it is for a half hour special in a motel (If they actually are please report it to the police right away, I will not be put into jail just because I didn't tell you too get the police!).

Make-up is a mask to hide your true self and be "pretty". Even though nature spend thousands upon thousands of years to make sure the human body is attractive enough for mating to take place.
 Yeah, mate baby. Yaba-Daba-Do me!
Many still believe we must put on a fake face every time we leave the door. Like the world will not be able to handle out true self. We must weird this mask of shame everywhere, to feel proud we are so "beautiful".

Oh baby you are so hot!
So, why? Why must we go out covered with chemicals most of which have not been properly tested. Wait not tested, that can not be right? Well you got to thank PETA for that one, PETA actually is against animal testing and due to this many companies can actually bring out make-up without having to test it.

Make-Up these days barely gets tested to see the harm it will do to your skin. Yes testing on animals is cruel, but seeming we slaughter many of them, hunt them for sport, eat them in happy meals and wear them for shoes. I think they rather have some lipstick smeared on their back to see if it will give them a rash, but hey that just my opinion, I'm sure you rather see them end up as food.

Most cosmetics are poorly tested, especially for chronic application causing low-grade toxicity.  Most have been scarcely tested at all, and only a few out of thousands have had expensive toxicity testing.  Consumers who develop reactions rarely complain; they just stop using the product. So hey, guess who the real lab rats are!
So let us see what is in make-up. Let's take the most used of make-up, mascara powder (Fuck even the word mask is in the name!).
Mascara comes in many different forms, but they all have some universal ingredients. For instance the wonderful ingredient "Carbon Black". Sound like a fun color right, so natural, so like nature, so coming from  the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, coal tar or ethylene cracking tar. Nothing says make-up than chemicals.
 You look so gorgeous, no really can hardly see your face!

Next to this mascara seems to enjoy some other wonderful chemical even found in the most expensive of cosmetics.
 I got a planet named after me!

Mercury compounds can be used as a preservative in eye make-up, it is also extremely toxic for humans. With this I don't mean 'Cough I'm sick" toxic. No I mean "Profound central nervous system effects, including psychotic reactions characterized by delirium, hallucinations, and suicidal tendency." toxic!

However not all seems to be lost in 2008, Minnesota became the first state in the US to ban intentionally added mercury in cosmetics. At this time there are other countries looking into the dangers of mercury from mascara.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria highly resistant to therapy, can contaminate mascara and attack an eyeball scratched by microscopic abrasions from soft contact lenses or inadvertent damage by the applicator brush.  Blindness can result, which means you will never have to care what you look like again!
The fun is there's even more about mascara, but there's so much fake-up (see what I did there) to go through. So lets pick another one.

I'll admit, lipstick can make the difference between "Let me kiss those lips" and "I'm sure I got a girlfriend!". But have you ever stopped to think what you are putting on those kiss sausages off yours?

Here are some interesting FACTS about lipsticks.

More than 50% of lipsticks made in the United States contain pig fat, castor oil, which gives them a shiny appearance. Can you say bacon!

A study by US consumer group Campaign For Safe Cosmetics, in October 2007 found 60 percent of lipsticks tested contained trace amounts of lead, especially in red lipsticks. Lead is bad, in case you don't know.

About 5% of the lipsticks are found on cups of coffee or tea, and about another 5% of the lipsticks are found inside the women’s stomach due to new flavors and essences. Isn't that nice, your even eating it!
Wonderful, you look so great with your lipstick on! But we are missing something, we need more. We need powders!
Like you need it, you computer edited sellout!
Apparently there's many different types of powder. Lets take at random first talcum powder. Harmless right. Well not really, in 1982 Daniel Cramer, MD, reported in the journal Cancer that women in Boston who used talcum powder on their genitals and sanitary napkins had a 328 times greater risk of ovarian cancer.

There's more about powders but I so want to look more into something else, just to cover more of the wonderful world of cosmetics. Let us pick!
I used to have no hair color at all!

You are not going to believe this one! A study of hair dye genotixicity, published in the American Heart Association Journal in December 1979, revealed that women who colour their hair have greater chromosomal damage than women who have never done so.  This suggests that hair dyes may have carcinogenic and mutagenic effect in humans.  Punk colours tested worse than those covering grey.  Warning label attempts were unsuccessful. They have known since 1979 that hair dye causes chromosomal damage and yet they do nothing.

Well must mean this kind of damage is harmless right? Not really, basically the greater the damage to your chromosomes the greater the risk for cancer. But hey your hair looks great, so when does the chemo start again? 

Articles that link the development of some forms of cancer (including leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, bladder cancer, blood cancer, and multiple myeloma) with use of hair color. More specifically, prolonged use of permanent dark hair dyes can double a person's risk of getting various types of blood cancer. 

Well, your young right, so nothing can really harm you anyway as we all will life forever!

The following I just put together out off fun.

Doesn't fake-up make you magical.

Well friends, I'm a guy of easy things. I rather go for the girl that dares to be natural then the girl that needs to hide who she is. Yes make-up has it's place, but please do not use it every day. You are only damaging that what you wish to make beautiful! 

See you, when I see you!

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