January 12, 2011

Prologue 2


To whom not already know,

I've lost my voice, it somehow left within the time span of last night. After a coughing session of 5 days, no sleep of 4 nights, and the drinking of 2 bottle of coughing syrup, 1 bottle of Advil, and 4 packs of theraflu, my voices decided to leave.

How did I even notice it was gone you may ask, or may not as it might not be that interesting to know. I was within half dream of a dream, flying between ponies made of beer and nachos, which by the way is not a good combo for a pony. I was awakened by the ringing of my phone, with a loud cough I got out of bed to find my phone. Coughing and walking around I try to find the bringer of the noise. Using my sonar hearing that I learned from the mythical bats of the An-arctic I was able to locate my brick of a phone. So I pick up my phone and start to talk like I normally do, or thought I would do. "Hello" from the other end "Twan?". I try to speak "-----h---h-----", impossible my voice it somehow left me. Using strange hand signatures I try to convey the message of greeting through my phone to realize, that while humanity has made video calling, Curacao does not support two way video calling. The other person hangs up thinking there might be a bad connection, or it might be UTS*, which usually are also related (UTS Unbelievable Terrible Service). Again the person calls, as of course the connection should be fine now!

While I can not seem to inform the person right away that I'm unable to speak, I so hang up and try to type a text message. Finally the person understands, wishes me well, and I can go back to bed to try to cough myself to sleep.

Green sheep, why green? The phone rings again as I come out of some coma induced kind of dream. The phone again. I decided to do the safe thing and just deny to caller and write a message back again. Thinking nobody would call me back again (As I do not get called more then 2 maybe 3 times a week) I go lie down on my soft coma causing bed again.

Within 10 minutes there was another call.

Well my friends, after I picked up the broken pieces of my cell phone. Put them in a pile, set it on fire, cried to the mighty dark gods to bring it back to life. Saw it was transformed into an I-Pod, realize it was pure evil, destroyed it, bathed it in holy water, then did the incantation backwards and finally was able to send the message to whoever was calling that I could not pick up. I turned my phone off.

Lesson learned, no idea, just know that if anybody calls me today they will get a lot of silence.

*UTS our local telephone communication company which is, well, bad.

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